A major expansion of alternative energy

A major expansion of alternative energy use in urban and rural areas of the Marshall Islands has received the green light from the cabinet, according to the general manager of the national utility company.

The cabinet last week endorsed a series of Marshalls Energy Company-proposed alternative energy plans for Majuro and three outer islands, said the utility’s general manager David Paul.

The utility will now move forward with converting the current diesel-powered plants on Wotje, Jaluit and Rongrong islands to “hybrids” that use biofuel, reducing the use of diesel. Paul said the utility will be seeking funding support from the International Renewable Energy Agency.

While in recent years, the Marshall Islands has focused on installation of home and community-facility solar units in remote islands, the utility plans to seek funding for installation of nearly one megawatt of solar equipment to connect to the current power grid to reduce the use of diesel. Paul said the plan to increase Majuro’s reliance on solar to about one megawatt would result in cutting the use of diesel by 100,000 gallons annually. At present prices, that would cut utility costs by more than US$300,000.

A third plan that is now in motion is to set up a revolving fund to support installation of solar systems for households in Majuro, the capital. This would be tied to a package of energy audits of households and improving efficiency of appliances. “The aim is to tailor funding for a two-step process,” said Paul. “The first step is to help people get efficient use of energy for lighting, refrigerators and air conditioners, and once this is optimized provide solar panels that will provide power during the day.” Power-plant-produced electricity would be provided at night and on rainy days.

Paul said the home systems would be designed for dual-sourced power, from solar and the power plant.

“The people will win,” he said, adding they will lower the cost of power both by using energy-efficient appliances and by using solar-produced energy — and these savings will support paying off loans for equipment.

Corning Inc, the world’s top LCD glass supplier, yesterday forecast its flexible Willow Glass would feature in touch sensors, solar and lighting products next year.

Harrison Smookler, a commercial director for Willow Glass,Know about led high bay conversion kit and Bi-xenon HID kit. said customers including touch sensor makers and display manufacturers are testing Corning’s bendable product.

As touch sensor makers use roll-to-roll processing technology, which is similar to the manufacturing process used to make Willow Glass, it would be easier for touch sensor makers to reach optimal yield rate, Smookler said.RGB LED Color-changing led grow light headlight accent light system for headlight halo effect.

However, display makers produce displays using sheet-to-sheet processing technology and they have to overcome this technological change, he said.

Smookler said the product would be a cost-saving touch sensor solution. The glass can be used even in low-cost applications aimed at emerging markets, as well as in automotive displays, helmets, or other wearable devices,The world’s most efficient and cost effective hid lights? but Smookler declined to disclose which device will be the first to be equipped with touch sensors using the glass.

James Hollis, director in charge of Corning’s Gorilla Glass sales and engineering, yesterday said more than 30 PC brands including Dell Inc have adopted the company’s Gorilla Glass for touch-enabled laptops since its launch in June.

Though some analysts blamed expensive touch modules for the lower-than-expected penetration rate of touch-enabled laptops, Hollis said that from the touch module’s standpoint, Corning did not bring a large incremental factor to the cost of the functionality.

He said Corning’s glass only accounted for 2 percent of touch-enabled notebooks’ selling price.

Hollis was optimistic about the demand for Gorilla Glass NBT as the company’s research unit forecast that unit shipments of touch-enabled devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets would triple in 2016.

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Perseid meteor shower

My last committed attempt to observe the Perseid meteor shower, which star-gazers across the world are enjoying, was back in 2010. I was house-sitting in Spain at the time; my uncle in law used to live on the edge of a tiny village in the Spanish mountains. The village is several hundred metres above sea level, with hardly any street lighting and the most incredibly dark and clear skies – the kind you don't get in the UK outside of a national park.

I'd been there for about two weeks, and every day and night had been completely cloudless, with not even a hint of moisture in the air. Then, on the evening the Perseids were due to peak, everything changed. At dusk, a dense blanket of cloud started to roll across the mountains with a solemn inevitability. By 9pm, I might as well have been staring at a blank cinema screen. I think I manage to see one meteor before the last chink of starlight was extinguished.

The moral, of course, is that astronomy is a cruel and capricious mistress – something star-gazers have known for a very long time. Yet we keep going back. There's something very compelling about staring at the night sky. I'd say that it's innate to us. For most of human history, there can't have been a great deal to do at night. It's no great surprise that our ancestors spent a lot of time looking to the heavens, finding patterns and charting the movement of the planets.

They also weaved their stories into the night sky. As annual reports on the Perseids often fail to explain, the name of this meteor shower is derived from the constellation of Perseus, which is the point in the sky from which the meteors appear to come. Perseus, as you may know, was the slayer of the Gorgon Medusa and rescuer of Andromeda (whose constellation is home to our most famous galactic neighbour).Are you still hesitating about where to buy hid kits? The ancient Greeks saw the great myths of their civilisation written in the stars.

Today, I think we can all agree that we're infinitely smarter than the ancient Greeks. Most 10 year-olds understand that stars are just large nuclear furnaces converting hydrogen into helium, and that the patterns of the constellations are nothing more than tricks of our Earthbound perspective.

Yet our sense of wonder remains curiously undiminished. There's still something almost primordial in the pleasure we can derive from the simple act of looking up at the universe. And arguably, although our understanding of what's going on up there has been transformed, one aspect of our pleasure is not dissimilar from that of our ancestors. Gazing at the night sky still brings a sense of both awe and connectedness: awe because of the sheer, mind-boggling scope of the universe, and connectedness because of the nightly interaction between our planet and the wider cosmos.

This last point may explain, in particular, the enduring fascination with meteor showers in the modern age. Not only are they inherently spectacular the Perseid shower can produce a couple of shooting stars every minute at its peak – but they also remind us of the cyclical journey of our planet through the solar system.

Every year at around this time, the Earth's orbit crosses through a stream of comet debris, and for a few hours, this causes the night sky to light up with fireworks. This is one instance, I think, in which knowing the science behind what's going on up there actually helps to enhance our natural sense of wonder. It takes us beyond our Earthbound perspective in a way that would not have been possible a few centuries ago.

It's very easy to get caught up in the stresses and trivia of day-to-day life, but for me, one of the constant joys of the night sky is that it allows you to rise above all this,We have a great selection of blown glass backyard solar landscape lights and solar garden light. if only for a few hours.A solar bulb that charges up during the day and lights the night when the sun sets. That's why I'll be drinking lots of coffee and staying up past midnight for the Perseids. The forecast is for a clear night, so I'm quietly hopeful. When has the weather forecast ever been wrong?

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New Truck Cap

A.R.E. has developed the new Site Commander commercial truck cap. The new cap is made from fiberglass construction to create a lightweight yet durable truck cap that offers storage and organization to fleets.  Its wide-opening rear doors allow for easy loading and unloading of full-size plywood and drywall, or the addition of a BEDSLIDE sliding cargo tray that allows for easy access to your entire truck bed.  The truck cap comes standard with a reinforced roof capable of accommodating most brands of commercial ladder racks.

Manufactured for quality and visual appeal, the Site Commander features a cored roof and doors for increased strength and stiffness.  The front and rear sections of the truck cap are model specific to provide a more custom look.

Jim Blayne, sales manager, A.R.E. Commercial/Fleet Division, said, “The pickup truck with a cap is still one of the lower cost-per-mile solutions, and our new Site Commander meets customers’ demand for functional, economical work truck products.” 

The Site Commander is painted to match the truck’s color code using a standard DuPont base coat/clear coat paint for a high-quality appearance.  It comes with A.R.E.’s three-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

A.R.E. also announced that its Commercial Division is expanding its product line with the new WorkCover LS, a fiberglass tonneau cover available for 2005 to current Toyota Tacoma standard length bed trucks

A.R.E.’s WorkCover LS features two doors on each side. Additionally, the entire cover opens effortlessly from the rear of the truck using a hinge system at the front of the cover. Painted to match the vehicle, the WorkCover LS features approximately three extra inches of storage room above the bed rail and its design offers the driver excellent rear visibility from the cab of the truck. Designed to keep products secure and out of sight, A.R.E. offers options such as remote keyless entry and LED strip lighting technology to illuminate the bed.

“This new tonneau cover exemplifies another innovative design from A.R.E. that makes loading and unloading easier for service workers,” Blayne added. “Our WorkCover LS turns the bed of the truck into an organized and readily accessible tool container that keeps dust and other elements out.”

'Audi Extra' Ramadan promotion

As part of the offer for this Holy Month, all new A6 customers are offered a guaranteed buy-back scheme. Furthermore, buying an A6 will be coupled with complimentary insurance in Oman and the UAE, free registration, a service package for 5 years or 105,000 kms, a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty and a free three-year 24 hours roadside assistance promise - with the compliments of Wattayah Motors.

Commenting on the offer, Ahmed Shariefi, General Manager of Audi Oman, explained, "We like to provide our customers with the maximum possible benefits and ensure that they get the best value and service from us. The Audi A6 is one of Audi's most successful exclusive models in Oman and this promotion will further enhance the customer value of the car during the Holy Month."

Audi A6 is already the seventh chapter of an extraordinary success story. It sold seven million times worldwide since it was first launched as the Audi 100. Targeting the second largest premium segment in the Middle East, it is contributing heavily towards Audi's goal of becoming the number one premium manufacturer in the region with four-digit figures annually.

The design of the new Audi A6 embodies athleticism and elegance. The sedan is 4.92 meters long and 1.87 meters wide, but just 1.46 meters high. The long engine hood, the low, sweeping roofline and the prominent lines on the flanks create a dynamic overall appearance. The Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights or optional full LED headlights emphasise the striking expression at the front.

The roomy interior of the new Audi A6 echoes the sinewy style of the exterior. The salient element is the 'wrap-around' - an inlay encircling the driver and the front-seat passenger. Every detail of the interior, including an innovative layered-wood veneer, is a testament to the care that Audi invests in carmaking. The Audi A6 comes with extensive standard equipment including the latest MMI operating system, a multifunction leather steering wheel, the Audi parking system plus as well as a glass sunroof. The electric front seats with memory function for the driver can be equipped with ventilation and massage functions as an option.

The new Audi A6 was specially developed for the Middle East region. The performance of the highly efficient four-zone automatic air conditioning system, for example, has been increased. Its functionality was tested over approximately one million test kilometres in various countries including China, South America, South Africa and the UAE. As of now the MMI is also available in Arabic including all Menu points, navigation maps and voice instructions as well as MMI touch handwriting recognition.

Audi also offers a variety of high-tech options: a head-up display, Audi active lane assist, Audi park assist, the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System and the MMI touch. The new adaptive cruise control regulates speed and distance to the vehicle ahead and if necessary breaks the vehicle to a full standstill. The Audi pre sense safety system is in many situations able to reduce accidents and their consequences, or even prevent them altogether.

The latest generation quattro permanent all-wheel drive guarantees supreme traction, stability and dynamic response. At the same time the two powerful, highly efficient gasoline engines make use of important technologies from the brand's modular efficiency platform - the energy recovery system and the start-stop function. Throughout the entire model line, fuel consumption in the A6 has decreased by up to 21% compared to the previous model.

The A6 as a whole stands as a testament to Audi's signature performance and luxury. The Audi 'extra' campaign augments its features by providing customers with additional benefits. Through it, all new Audi A6 owners are sure to enjoy the certainty of impressive quality coupled with an exhilarating driving experience.

Modern Living LED Collection

Our home is a sanctuary – a place where modern families escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel calm, rested and in control, away from the chaos of modern life.

Philips Lighting Philippines is set to launch its 2013 Modern Living Collection, which aims to accentuate the sleek beauty of modern homes with the clean lines and pure shapes of its newest LED range. Featuring ceiling, table, and wall light options for both indoor and outdoor applications, the Modern Living Collection seeks to utilize meaningful innovations in bringing a sense of purity to modern living.

“People are now more discerning in the choices they make in design and technology. That is why Philips designs lighting solutions that are based on how people live, work, and play in their respective environments.

More than just providing ideal illumination, LED lighting can now be used to accentuate spaces, and transform home environments to become personalized havens from the hustle and bustle of modern life,” said Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, General Manager for Philips Lighting sector.

The minimalist designs of luminaires in the Modern Living Collection are paired with the latest LED lighting technology – tunable white.With tunable white technology, you can choose your preferred white light color to match your décor and create a personalized ambiance.

The dynamic color temperature of pure white light can be tweaked easily to complement moods and occasions. A dynamic ambiance and quality lighting can now be achieved, with the touch of a button, or turn of a dial.

Part of the Philips Modern Living 2013 Collection, the Philips Ledino range of pendant and wall lights offers beautiful, diffused light shining through its elegant shell, made of premium materials – the most flattering lighting in a room.

The high-power LED has an extremely long-life of 20,000 hours,

and saves up to 80% energy compared to traditional light sources. The pendant lamp enhances the versatility of the lights with adjustable height and makes the perfect statement centerpiece for the modern home.

Sleek and smooth, the Philips Ledino Table Light takes a natural shape from its namesake, albeit with the precision engineering that presents LED color temperature at your fingertips. The ergonomic and minimalist form of the lamp is itself a design statement for the modern home.

With tunable white technology, you can choose your preferred white light color to match your décor and create a personalized ambiance. With a simple turn of a dial, modern home owners can now adjust from a warm to cooler color temperature to suit their preference.

In addition, the use of LED lighting in the collection offers energy-efficiency and a greater life cycle over traditional bulbs makes the luminaires in the 2013 Modern Living Collection convenient and cost-effective way to build an ambience at home. The use of LED lighting technology also ensures uniform light distribution, which provides greater visual comfort. More information about the program is available on the web site at hmhid.
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